Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle EU


Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle EU

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Xiaomi Mi Kettle: Smart features and remote controllable

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle is easy to operate. The two touch-sensitive buttons on the handle serve to boil the kettle or heat the water to the set temperature. For this you can choose your own temperature, very useful for tea or your baby bottle to get exactly the right temperature. With the handy App, the kettle can also be controlled remotely.

You can also use the App to let the kettle heat the water for up to 12 hours at the pre-set temperature. This way your cup of tea is almost ready when you get home and with every next cup you’ll have the water at the right temperature. Handy, right? When the device is too full and in case of excessive water splashes, the smart kettle will automatically open the lid to 45 degrees.

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle has an attractive and robust design

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle is smart and cleverly designed intended for daily and long term use. The exterior of the kettle is made of high quality sturdy matte plastic with the interior fitted with double stainless steel. The attractive minimalist design of the Xiaomi Mi Kettle fits into any household.

With a capacity of 1.5 litres, the kettle provides enough water for many cups of tea, instant coffee or soup throughout the day. Heating the entire contents takes no longer than 4 minutes, making the Xiaomi Mi Kettle also suitable for a quick cup of tea or a full pan of boiling water.

    • Robust and attractive design
    • 1.5 liter capacity
    • Easy to operate
    • Remotely controllable via the handy App
    • Various smart functions