Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200


Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200

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Color night vision in 1080p high definition

The Xiaomi AW200 outdoor camera has a high resolution of 1920x1080px, guaranteeing image quality, digital zoom and detail magnification. The large F1.6 aperture also helps increase light access and improves image clarity. Color night vision in very low light allows you to see colors in very low light conditions.

  • F1.6 aperture
  • High 1080p resolution
  • Color night mode
  • 940 nm infrared night vision

    The Xiaomi AW200 camera offers enhanced infrared night vision allowing you to see clearly even in the dark. With no visible red light when the 940nm LEDs are on and night vision enabled, and improved performance compared to 850nm LEDs, the camera provides truly non-intrusive infrared night vision.

  • IP65 water and dust resistant design – use anywhere for indoor and outdoor monitoring

    The Xiaomi AW200 outdoor camera is IP65 dust- and water-resistant and equipped with a professional waterproof speaker, microphone and power outlet. Place it anywhere without worrying about being affected by the elements. Its compact size also allows it to be used indoors.

  • Two-way voice calls with clear sound

    Talk and interact as if you were talking face-to-face with two-way audio communication up to 5 meters on the Xiaomi AW200 outdoor camera.

  • Multi-location storage and Mi Security Chip with unique identification

    Local Micro SD card and cloud storage provide two different storage solutions. To guarantee data privacy and security, the camera uses Mi Security Chip, which has a unique private key and certificate, effectively guaranteeing secure communication and data storage.

    Works with Alexa and Google Home

    The camera can be connected to an Alexa or Google smart display to display surveillance footage on the device, and can be turned on and off by voice.