Xiaomi Uni Blade Trimmer


Xiaomi Uni Blade Trimmer

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Xiaomi UniBlade Trimmer

This lightweight Xiaomi trimmerhas a sleek, minimalist design, no unnecessary frills and comes in stylish matte black. This device allows you to shave, trim and groom. The smooth and maneuverable shaver head can make a 40-degree turn, adjusting for a precise shave of your cheeks, jawline and sideburns with ease.

The trimmer has a skin-friendly shaving blade. This is because it is completely covered with a protective foil, ensuring both a pleasant and smooth shave and minimal skin irritation – no more red bumps!

And precise

With the triple precision shaving head, you shave effortlessly and the way you want. The double blade on the head is suitable for trimming longer hair and the middle foil deals with stubble. The foil shaves hair of any length and thickness, as well as curved and flat-lying hairs. It all makes for a wonderfully smooth shave.

The UniBlade Trimmer can be adjusted to fourteen different lengths, from 0.2 mm to 8.5 mm, using the dial. This gives you an all-in-one trimmer for both your face and body. Manscaping has never been easier.

Ready to go

Speaking of easy, you charge the Trimmer magnetically and wirelessly. Charging the 600mAh battery takes about ninety minutes and then it can last at least another hour. Say you use it for a minute a day for some trimming and grooming, you’re talking about two months! If it does become time to recharge again, the orange LED light will flash. Not only is the shaving experience sleak and clean, the charging station looks just as sleek and minimalist and attaches to your bathroom wall without drilling or tools.

Practical convenience

Easy to clean, the UniBlade Trimmer is IPX7 water resistant, again leaving the competition behind. Furthermore, the Trimmer has a travel lock mode. You turn this mode on or off again by holding down the power button for three seconds. That way, your trimmer only turns on (or off) when you want it to.

    • Minimum irritation due to protective, skin-friendly foil
    • Triple precision shaver head
    • Fourteen length settings
    • IPX7 water resistant
    • Magnetic and quick rechargeable via USB Type C port