Xiaomi Mi X Simpleway Foaming Hand Soap


Xiaomi Mi X Simpleway Foaming Hand Soap

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Xiaomi Mi Foaming Soap

Cleanses and protects the skin

The Foaming Handsoap is suitable for the Xiaomi Mi Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser and features exotic natural ingredients with a fresh scent of orange blossom, lemon and apple. The soap is transformed by the dispenser into rich, dense foam that effectively cleanses and protects the hands. Also, this lather leaves no residue on your hands, but your hands feel soft and smooth after use. The ingredients ensure that the pH of the foam is little different from that of the hands which also effectively moisturizes the skin. Thus, you can use this foam unlimitedly!

The bottle is made of sturdy materials and has a closed design with millimeter small holes at the top. This ensures the quality of the soap and keeps the bottle airtight. The bottle has a capacity of 300 ml with which you can wash your hands no less than 375 times. This means that the bottle does not need to be replaced quickly. The Xiaomi Simpleway foaming handsoap bottle is easy to attach in the dispenser.

    • Made from exotic natural ingredients
    • The thick foam cleanses and protects hands effectively
    • Hydrates the skin
    • 300ml capacity bottle that can be used to wash hands at least 375 times