Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer


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Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

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Take care of your health and appearance with Xiaomi Mi Ionic hair dryer! Strong airflow allows instant drying, and advanced ionization technology and intelligent temperature control ensure sufficient moisture for your hair, eliminating the risk of drying out!

  • Hair is dry quickly, stays undamaged and hydrated
  • Intelligent NTC – temperature control in three modes
  • Magnetic swivel tube
  • Cold and warm air circulation
  • Two hair drying speeds
  • Quiet operation, simple design


Hair, a crown of beauty!

If you are looking for a helper to treat your hair every day, Xiaomi offers a smart hair dryer that will enchant you after the first use. In addition to quick drying, it offers deep hydration of your hair, which ensures softness and shine. Your hair will look healthier and clearer. All thanks to the high circulation of hot or cold air.


Smart Helper

If you are a fan of a modern household, we will certainly please you with the information that even an ordinary home appliance such as a hair dryer can turn Xiaomi into a favorite helper. Intelligent temperature control with NTC brings variety when styling. The hair dryer offers two speeds and three temperature modes.

You can set the following modes as needed:

– Warm air drying

– Drying with alternating hot and cold air

– Cold air drying


Something extra

And of course Xiaomi doesn’t forget about the design side of the product either. The simple design in white, which we are already used to with their products, adds an elegant and perhaps a little more luxurious look to the hair dryer. Another plus is its size, which will definitely please you when traveling, because it will not take up much space in your luggage. And last but not least, the handle, which is adapted to be held in the hand for a long time.

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