Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer


Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

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Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair dryers can do damage to hair. But the Xiaomi Iconic Hairdryer, unlike other hair dryers, has an independent water ion channel design and supports NTC intelligent temperature control. Because of this smart technology, your hair will not be damaged while blow drying and the hair and scalp will be sufficiently moisturized. The built-in condensing needle condenses the moisture in the air which reduces the static electricity of the hair. This replenishes the moisture and improves the shine of the hair. The powerful hair dryer has 1800 Watt and has six blades that provide an air volume of 1.6 m³ per minute. The hairdryer is quiet and therefore does not disturb the household. The Ionic Hairdryer is the effective water ion dryer for all types of hair!

User friendly and efficient hair drying

The Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hairdryer is very easy to operate with the buttons on the handle. The hair dryer has three modes for each purpose: hot air, hot and cold circulating air and cold air. At hot air there is an orange indicator light, at cold air this light turns blue. With hot and cold circulating air, the light flashes orange and blue. The Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hairdryer has two power settings. The Ionic Hairdryer comes with a magnetic anti-combustion attachment. The attachment is very easy to attach and remove and can be rotated 360°. When the attachment is attached, it remains firmly in place while using the hairdryer.

    • Does not damage the hair because the air is condensed
    • Features 6 blades that deliver an air volume of 1.6 m³ per minute
    • Easy to operate and buttons on the handle
    • Has a practical light indicator that indicates the mode
    • Comes with a 360° attachment