Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300


Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

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Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300

When it comes to home appliances, Xiaomi offers you more and more choices. For example, several hair dryers have been added in recent years. These have been particularly popular for their excellent design and ease of use. Now the Xiaomi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 has been added to the range, and it is another top product, as you would expect from Xiaomi: stylish, fine, minimalist design, light and handy, but with 1800 watts: plenty of power for a 20 m/s airflow.

Small powerhouse

The hairdryer weighs less than 500 grams and has an ultra-short body, about the length of your lipstick. This makes the H300 easy to carry in your pocket or in the last corner of your weekend bag. The dryer is finished with a special UV coating that resists dirt and makes it comfortable to hold. The design of the air outlet makes it easier to blow the air, and by placing the air nozzle on top, you can direct the air flow even better. The nozzle has a 360-degree reach and prevents your hair from overheating, so you can style your hair safely and quickly.

When your hair looks good

At the heart of all this convenience is the fan, and Xiaomi uses the same principle as aircraft engines. The fan is designed with curved blades and an exhaust that minimizes energy loss and increases air speed. In addition, the 1600W motor is super powerful and allows moisture to evaporate quickly without you having to turn the dryer hotter-hotter.

By the way, this temperature is measured for you 60 times per second and the result is sent directly to the microprocessor. If necessary, the air temperature is adjusted in real time to the ideal temperature of 57° C. Would you like it warmer or cooler? No problem! You can adjust the temperature and airflow from cold to warm. The Xiaomi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 will automatically save your choices and turn them on for you the next time you turn on your dryer. When you’re done, the H300’s hanging eye makes it easy to store away.Safety first

The NTC sensor detects the temperature of the air being blown out in real time. The precision elements can automatically activate the overheat protection and shut down the power if the temperature is too high. In extreme cases, the fuse is activated to ensure safety. Safety above all else, a nice idea, right?

Super de luxe

Like many high-end and much more expensive hairdryers, the H300 has a built-in ion generator. This reduces static electricity, prevents frizz and flattens the cuticles to give your hair a healthy shine. In addition, the generator provides fast and gentle drying and makes your hair heart healthy. Not bad, right?

  • Lightweight
    • Handy size
    • Powerful 1600 watt motor
    • Built-in ion generator
    • Adjustable temperature and airflow