Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack Pink


Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack Pink

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Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack

This colorful backpack is the perfect bag for everyday use. The backpack is available in different colors, so there is always a color among them that you like! The bag has a volume of 10 liters so you always have all your important stuff at hand. The Xiaomi Mi Daypack is made of high-quality polyester and is splash-proof with a rating of IP4. Weighing only 165 grams, the backpack is very comfortable and you will carry it all day long.

The bag has one large compartment and three small compartments to keep your belongings organized everywhere you go. The large compartment can hold a laptop, camera or Kindle. The two small compartments are perfect for your earphones, bank cards or a power bank.

The buckles are high quality so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything, which is of course so relaxing. The zippers are from YKK, one of the best zippers on the market. The shoulder straps are inlaid with cotton for maximum comfort. With this backpack you will have all your daily stuff at your fingertips, and with one of the many colors you can stand out as much as you want.