Xiaomi Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100″


Xiaomi Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100″

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Xiaomi Mi Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen 100 Inch

Nothing can be more enjoyable than watching the best movies on a big screen. Have a snack, drink and a pouf for your feet. The Xiaomi Projection Screen provides the perfect cinema experience, right in your home! This 100 inch light-repellent screen (ALR) repels any form of light from outside the projector, so the image is razor sharp. Whether you want to watch a movie during the day, in the evening by candlelight or in the dark, this screen always provides the ideal circumstances!

The operation of this Fresnel ALR Screen goes hand in hand with the operation of a (short distance) laser projector, such as the Xiaomi Ultra Short Throw Mi 4K Laser Projector. The high technology of this effectively blocks at least 85% of the ambient light on all sides of the screen! At the same time, highly accurate reflection from the projector is guaranteed. A bright and vivid picture quality even in fluorescent lighting and ambient light.

Also, this screen takes good care of every viewer’s eyes due to its strong reflection technology. When there is incident light, the outer layer uses anti-glare to eliminate reflections and prevent eye fatigue. Despite this, the screen has an extra wide viewing angle of no less than 160 degrees!

Sleek design and master size

Besides its top quality, the design and size of this projection screen is also something to write home about. With a size of 100 inches and a 16:9 ratio, you can imagine yourself in a cinema. This projection screen consists of 8 layers, which produces brighter and more vivid images compared to a normal projection screen. Gaming also gets a whole new meaning through this screen. After all, big players need big equipment!

This Xiaomi Mi Projection Screen is designed with safety in mind. It contains a scratch-resistant outer layer making it easy to keep clean without leaving scratches. In addition, the aluminum frame contains a plastic PVC frame that results in a very strong construction. The frame is only 8mm thick and thus virtually invisible. The whole thing can be hung without any cables, making it a real eye-catcher!

    • Repels any form of unwanted light
    • Easy to keep clean through the scratch-resistant outer layer
    • Maximum enjoyment due to the large format
    • The most razor sharp images