Promate Clix 4 Mouse


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Promate Clix 4 Mouse

Clix-4 Wireless Optical Mouse is an ergonomic and reliable wireless optical mouse. It features a 1600dPi optical sensor for better accuracy and a Nano USB receiver so tiny that you can plug into your laptop or computer and forget about it. The Clix-4 has a working range of up to 20 meters, which is great for home and office use. It also comes with a sleep mode function to turn itself off when it’s idle for some time, simply click on any button to wake it up.

Automatic sleep mode turns the mouse off when you’re not using it

The high-definition optical sensor with dual dPi which can be changed at the click of a button tracks the mouse’s movements with smooth accuracy for optimal performance and productivity.

Control music playback and volume with the touch of a button using the in-built Play/Pause and volume control buttons.

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