Samsung Washing Machine WT60H2500HP


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Samsung Washing Machine WT60H2500HP

The Samsung Washing Machine WT60H2500HP/NQ Twin Tub 6 Kg makes you wash enough cloth at a go and spin the cloth dry after wash, which easy you from stress, the active dual wash function make your work easier by washing and doing another chaos in the house by setting the time. You can also put detergent in the magic detergent dispenser which enables detergent come out when you punch the button. The digital display enables you to see the time the cloth will be done with washing. It also has child lock to protect your kids from operating it while you away from home.

  • Active dual wash function
  • Water jet function
  • Wobble technology
  • Magic detergent dispenser
  • Smart service check
  • Automatic restart function
  • Diamond drum
  • 2 water inlets
  • 10 water level options
  • Digital display panel
  • Delay end function
  • Child lock
  • Softener dispenser

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