Promage Professional Video Light Led VL012


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Promage Professional Video Light Led VL012

  • LED Quantity: 10PCS
  • Maximum power: 20W;
  • Input voltage: 6v-17v
  • The maximum illumination: 2500LUX
  • Color temperature: 5000k / 3200k
  • Brightness Control: Adjustable
    • The use of sophisticated circuit design, low power, low power consumption is about 10w, more power.
    • A large selection of imported 10 LED light lamp, unique lamp beads arranged angle design, full brightness, a wider range of illumination.
    • With a DC power supply lines, public transit camcorder, make lights work hours continued to grow.
    • The rear with the battery compartment, a removable high-capacity battery, in order to fill light provides a powerful power support, easy to use outdoors.
    • The movable piece soft, light heart swing angle set, free adjustable light output, manufacturing lighting effects, when the shutter is closed, you can use as a protective cover, not only look beautiful but also protects lamp beads from damage

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