Xiaomi MI Curved Gaming Monitor 34


Xiaomi MI Curved Gaming Monitor 34

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Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 inch

Realistic gaming experience

The Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor of 34 inches is the gaming monitor with a 21:9 ultra wide panoramic image. It offers a better and larger gaming interface with a 30% larger image than standard 16:9 monitors. The screen border of only 2 mm increases the screen-to-body ratio significantly. This ensures that the field of view is extremely expanded and a huge advantage can be gained. Especially for playing real-time strategy and first-person shooter games, this monitor is perfect. Thanks to the high refresh rate of 144 Hz and the response time of 4 ms, there is no lag during gaming!

Also, the AMD FreeSync Premium technology ensures that the image is synchronized with input of high frame rates. This makes the Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor perfect for playing games that require fast response such as shooting games. The wide monitor also supports split screens for easy multitasking. This also makes the monitor perfect for business use or in your home office! The stand of the monitor is adjustable in all aspects. For example, the screen can be rotated, tilted and adjusted in height. In addition, the device can also be mounted on a wall. The cables are neatly finished and run through the middle of the stand.

Vivid colours

The unique 1500R extreme curve design makes you feel like you’re surrounded by the game. The curved screen makes sure that almost every point of the screen is equally distant from your eyes. This significantly reduces the visual distortion resulting in a more realistic picture. Thanks to the ultra-high 3440×1440 WQ HD resolution, you can enjoy extraordinarily realistic details that make the game seem to come alive. Thanks to the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor you feel like you are really in the game!

Even watching movies is a whole experience with this monitor and you get the feeling that you are in the movie. The monitor has an excellent brightness of up to 300 nits, making the screen perfectly visible in any type of light. In addition, it features contrast ratio of 3000:1 resulting in vivid and colorful images. The Xiaomi Mi Surface Display features a color gamut of up to 121% sRGB and can display a theoretical maximum of 16.7 million colors. This results in true-to-life colors and a great viewing experience. The monitor is equipped with blue light and flicker reduction technology which effectively reduces eye strain. The monitor features two DisplayPort and two HDMI ports to connect the display to all possible devices.

    • Ultra-wide 12:9 panoramic image with 3440×1440 resolution
    • Super fast response time of 4ms and refresh rate of 144Hz
    • Elimination of blue light to prevent eye fatigue
    • Unique curved 1500R design for a realistic viewing experience
    • Vivid colors and excellent clarity