Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro


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Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro

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  • Light weight: Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro features a cylindrical design, weighs 6.5 grams, and boasts an in-ear design with three microphones, light and easy to carry.
  • 40db Active Noise Cancellation: The Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro supports 40dB active noise cancellation. You can choose between three levels of ANC like daily, office, and travel, depending on your environment for the optimum noise cancellation performance.
  • Three Microphones Call Noise Reduction: Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro features three Microphones Call Noise Reduction, along with Qualcomm’s QCC5151 ultra-low power audio chip, which finely processes external environmental sounds and voices. It can accurately capture human voices while reducing noise. The words are clear and no interference during calls.
  • 11mm Ultra Dynamic Sound Drivers: Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro is built in 11mm ultra dynamic sound drivers, the sound unit adopts the design of high resilience diaphragm and centering piece, the voice coil vibration system is balanced and powerful, and the sound control is surging and powerful, bringing an immersive and shocking experience.
  • Bluetooth 5.2: Bluetooth 5.2 is on the Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro. It consumes less power and offers a longer operating range with lesser impact from Wi-Fi signals over previous Bluetooth versions.

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