Vertux Streamer-3 Gaming Microphone


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Vertux Streamer-3 High Intensity Anti-Vibration Gaming Microphone Looking to make your live streams perfect? Then look no further as Streamer-3 is your complete recording and streaming microphone. The USB plug-n-play microphone minimizes distortion and generates the best sound. The mic cuts out low-frequency noises like footsteps to pick the best and clear audio for recording. Streamer-3 boasts a stylish LED lights featuring design with a sturdy metal frame to hold the microphone. With one-touch controls for microphone and LED light, the microphone is highly convenient for every type of streamer. Streamer-3 also features an audio input jack so that you can directly connect the headset to it. The microphone’s tilt angle can easily be adjusted to get the best and comfortable recording or streaming experience. Technical Specifications: Brand: Vertux Model: Streamer-3 Sensitivity: 23db±4dB Frequency Response: 100Hz-10KHz Impedance: 2.2KΩ Connector: USB Cable Length: 150cm

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