Vertux Streamer-2 Gaming Microphone


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Vertux Streamer-2 Omni-Directional Distortion Free Gaming Microphone Keep your conversations clearer and background noise-free with this high-grade omnidirectional USB microphone that captures sound from all the directions. Streamer-2 boasts a flexible gooseneck design with 360-degree tilt angle so that you can adjust the microphone’s position as per your convenience. The cool LED backlight makes it perfect for gamers. It is an essential tool for someone who is in the game streaming business to get excellent recorded audio. The high-sensitive microphone features a one-touch button to control microphone and LED light. All you need to do is plug in the microphone to your device and start using. Technical Specifications: Sensitivity: v26db±4dB Frequency Response: v100Hz-10KHz Impedance: v2.2KΩ Connector: USB