Vertux Dominator – Quick Response Ergonomic Gaming Mouse


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Build for accuracy and reliability, Vertux Dominator lets you feel a whole another level of control beyond your expectations. This high-performance gaming mouse features 4 on-the-go DPI settings up to 3200 to let you take edge against your competitors during intense moments with ease. Dominator boasts the fastest polling rate – 1000Hz possible for a wired mouse and 8G acceleration, allowing you to enjoy tracking and aim with superb accuracy. The gaming mouse possesses forward and backward buttons, making your browsing through inventories while gaming flawless. Designed to provide ultimate comfort, Dominator feels great in hand with stylish backlit enhancing your gaming atmosphere. Technical Specifications: Ratin 5V, 100mA Frequency: 125Hz Default DPI: 1600dpi Switch DPI: 1000/1600/2400/3200