Vertux Cobalt – High Accuracy Lag-Free Wired Gaming Mouse


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High Accuracy Lag-Free Wired Gaming Mouse Make tiniest advantage while gaming in tension field environment with Vertux Cobalt. With performance and strength combined, this high-precision gaming mouse allows you to track through screens swiftly by improving your reaction time. Crafted with high-tracking accuracy and up to 4800 DPI, Cobalt delivers ultimate performance combined with your skill. The wired gaming mouse offers easy customization with 6 programmable buttons so that you can deliver faster commands while playing. The mouse sports rainbow backlight effect for a complete battlefield feel. Technical Specification: Brand: Vertux Model: Cobalt Color: Black Ratin 5V, 100mA Sensor Resolution: 1200-2000-3200-4800DPI Cable Length: 1.5m

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