Universal Projector Ceiling Mount 360 NBT717


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Universal Projector Ceiling Mount 360 NBT717

  • Multi-purpose universal projector hanger ceiling-mounted projection rack suspension bracket with outlet holes
  • Suitable for any brand LCD projector
  • Can rotate left and right 60°, pitch angle 20° each
  • The distance between the projector and the ceiling is 13.5cm, with a cable outlet 13.6kg
  • Material: seamless steel pipe, hot rolled plate

Other Information:

  • * Universal mounting pattern suits a broad range of projectors.
  • * Attach your projector on the ceiling for maximum comfortable viewing pleasure and best comfort.
  • * The projector ceiling mount is adjustable to a ceiling distance of 135mm max.
  • * Suits projectors weighing up to 11.4kg.
  • * It can be continuously rotated of 360°.
  • * Quick release mechanism for easy installation and fast removal for maintenance.
  • * Pitch adjustment of -/+30°.