UGreen HDMI Socket Panel – 20317/20318


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UGREEN HDMI Panel 86 Wall Socket Module Version 2.0 90 degree HD 1080P UGREEN 20318 – MM113 adapter hdmi dvi vga adapter connector converter – HDMI Panel 86 module, 1.4V 90 degree elbow HD 1080P Free solder wiring works Panel Size: 48 * 24mm Features: The UGREEN 20318 90 degree recessed wall mounted HDMI stand is the ideal device, the perfect solution to connect HDMI interfaces for smart homes today. HDMI recessed recessed 90 degree cost-saving solution, quickly replacing other HDMI in-wall devices HDMI UGREEN wall panel with high quality PVC, extremely durable, not fading, reclining gold, over time Gold-plated built-in HDMI port, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, increase the contact area of ​​the device. This HDMI UGREEN corner wall stand with screws ensures a secure, secure connection. Specifications: Brand: UGREEN Model: 20318 – MM113 Name: HDMI panel socket Size: 48mm * 24mm Interface: gold-plated female-female Material: PC fire-retardant materials HDTV: 1080P, 3D function Version: 1.4 86 Advantages: Free welding, plug and play Model: 20318 Color: White Process: Die Casting Style: straight head / elbow Application: Wall plug, wiring works Features: Eliminate cable confusion and hole in the wall

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