UGreen HDMI Male to Female Adapter Up – 20110


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UGreen HDMI 90° Up M to HDMI F Adapter Black UGreen 90 degree UP angle HDMI V2.0 Adapter makes it suitable for wall-mounted devices. This adapter supports 4Kx2K max resolution for high definition. Tight spaces giving you a problem connecting your HDMI cable? Tired of having to move your equipment just to reach those hard-to-get-to-places? This 90 degree HDMI adapter from UGREEN helps to ease the strain at the point of connection to eliminate damage to the HDMI ports on your television and other devices. It gives you the flexibility you need without risking bending your HDMI cables excessively, which may damage the cable or even worse the ports on your expensive equipment. Features: User friendly Angel Design Designed for wall-mounted devices Wide compatibility 4Kx2K resolution, support ethernet and audio return channel Multi-function display: mirror or extend mode Triple-layer suerpior shielding Specifications: Model no: HD112 (20110) Product name: 90 Degree HDMI Adapter Resolution: 1920×1080/4Kx2K(max) Connector: 24K Gold-plated Connector 1: HDMI Female ×1 Connector 2: HDMI Male ×1 **Note:  please check orientation of HDMI port on display device before purchasing. Whats in the box: UGREEN 20110 90 Degree HDMI Male to Female Adapter Up x1

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