Promate PowerDesk USB-C Hub


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PowerDesk 11-in-1 Ergonomically Designed Anti-Skid Aluminium Alloy DeskHub Convert your laptop into an ultimate working station using the USB-C multi-function laptop stand. PowerDesk boasts a powerful 10W Qi wireless charging pad with 87W USB-C Power Delivery. The laptop charging stand also features VGA and 4K HDMI ports, so that you can connect monitor, TV, or projector with ease. The RJ45 connector allows you to connect to the internet. Besides, the two USB 3.0 ports are available for data transmission. The wireless charging laptop stand has a sleek design. You can use PowerDesk with all USB-C powered laptops. Specifications: Input: 5V/1A Output USB-C 1: 87-100W (20V/4-5A) Output USB-C 2: 5G Output USB3.0: 5G Output USB3.0: 5G Output Wireless Charger: iPhone 5W. Android 10W. Output VGA: 1080P@60HZ Output HDMI: 3840*2160@30HZ. 1080P@60HZ Output Ethernet port: Support up to 1000 Mbps(max) Output SD card slot: Support upto 480 Gb (max) Output TF card slot: Support upto 480 Gb (max)

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