Promate Deskmate-2


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Combining ergonomic comfort for you and increased airflow and heat-reduction for your laptop, this metal laptop stand makes it easy to take your workstation to a new level of ease and efficiency. The laptop stand accommodates all sizes of laptops. The stand also tilts the laptop slightly forward, which brings the screen in closer for clearer and more comfortable viewing. With the laptop raised and an external keyboard and mouse in place, the sleek stand transform any desk or table into an optimal, ergonomic workspace for laptop users. Elevates your laptop up off the desk about 135mm, raises screen height to eye level for better ergonomics. Reduces neck strain and creates a more comfortable working environment, you can enjoy an elevated viewing angle without taking up a lot of space on your desk. Convenient storage space for keyboard when not in use. The Promate DeskMate-2 stand features a robust, resilient aluminum alloy construction. This means the stand is well-equipped to survive any surface damage like scratches, scrapes or spilled liquids. It’s 360° Rotatable base allows for easy sharing of screen and access to ports. Laptop stand will fit any laptop between 10″-17″ wide & satin finish aluminum is designed to match and fit all MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. 3mm thickness aluminium, which is 20% times thicker than normal stand you may ever use, and it is 3 times sturdier. Raised front edges hold the laptop in place & Non-slip base secure your laptop in place and prevent unwanted scratches to your laptop The stand does not block your devices ports and features, allowing you to make the most of your MacBook or laptop in total comfort. The DeskMate-2 Portable Laptop Stand is fully compatible with any laptop between 13″ and 17″ in size

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