Kids LCD 11.5″ Digital Writing Board


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Kids LCD 11.5″ Digital Writing Board

A pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface makes your writing or drawing appear without any delay.
Write or draw with the included plastic stylus or any other suitable instrument, even by your finger!
Easy operation and high efficiency, erase your drawing just by a touch of the erase button.
Ultra-slim and compact design, easy to carry, and can be easily slid into your briefcase, backpack, or other bags.
Lightweight and portable, perfect for school, office, home use, or other use.
Built-in replaceable button cell, long battery life up to 2 years, you do not necessarily worry about a power cut.

1. Paperless: for business people, designers, engineers, teachers, students, and doctors, etc. useful and environmental-friendly.
2. as a family message board to deliver your love to your family, can be placed on the table and desk.
3. Good helper for students: class notes, drafts, and scientific equations to solve mathematical problems.
4. To win at the beginning: easy to cultivate children’s writing, calculus, painting abilities, learn with fun.
5. Unspoken word: light and easy to carry, and can be recycled, can let deaf people communicate easier.

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