Dtech Type C 2.0 + USB 3.0 T0018


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Mini aluminum USB hub (USB-C to USB-A 3.0) with charging port allows multiple USB type A 3.0 or 2.0 devices connecting to your Mac or surface laptop at the same time If need to run high power devices and quick charge your phone, micro USB female port enables you to use an extra micro USB cable (not included) to provide enough power Portable USB 4 port Hub with long cable (4ft) for you to drag the data splitter to your tabletop easily, so you won’t have to bend down you body to plug or unplug cord High speed self powered USB external port splitter is built with LED indicator for your convenient checking on connection status of the computer USB3.0 port adapter Compact USB C to USB A 3.0 hub for travel or home connects with high/ full/ low speed devices such as hard drive, pc, macbook pro desktop, keyboard, phone, dongle, USB storage, etc.

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