AWP UPS 1200va


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Features: Microprocessor-based digital control technology Faster and more accurate processing of data Wide Input Voltage Range Aide UPS is capable of handling a wide input voltage range, supplying clean power in extreme circumstances. It has excellent voltage regulation ability with an ultra-wide input voltage range from 80 ~ 150 Vac or 145 ~ 295 Vac. Built-in AVR Aide UPS provides stable power to connected devices in unstable power conditions. It has built-in automatic voltage regulator, safety running in a wide voltage range, reduces the using of battery, prolongs the life of battery, especially suitable for power fluctuations or poor power areas, supplying clean power in extreme circumstances. Surge protection Built-in precisely controlled power protection circuit, eliminate the interference of low voltage and surge, thus protecting the equipment against voltage spikes. Short-circuit and overload protection

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