Antenna For Router 4GHz


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10 dBi signal booster, increases the speed and signal strength of your router. Easily mount the antennas on the back of the router for a better signal. External antenna 3G / 4G LTE designed for Huawei, Routers, WiFi Camera, Dlink Netgear Belkin Huawei Vodafone or other device. Suitable for all router / access / WLAN points that requires an antenna with RP-SMA connector.  External antennas included. 19 cm length. Features Antenna type: omnidirectional Frequency: 800-2700 MHz Gain: 10 dBi Impedance: 50 Ohm VSWR: Connector: RP-SMA (male) Polarization: vertical Package: 1 x RP-SMA 10dBi Antenna