Philips Home Cooker HR1050


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Philips Home Cooker HR1050

Philips Jamie Oliver Home Cooker takes care of all your cooking needs from cutting to cooking. Buy this Philips Home Cooker and simplify your cooking task.Get a helping hand in the kitchen by bringing home this Philips Jamie Oliver Home Cooker. From cutting vegetables to cooking the dish, this appliance takes care of all of it. This Home Cooker chops, stirs, and cooks for you. You can easily create homemade meals with this cooker. It has a 1500W motor that ensures a powerful performance. It features a cutting tower that chops the ingredients for you. All the more, it includes various accessories for preparing multiple dishes.

This Philips Jamie Oliver Home Cooker features the AutoStir Technology that ensures that your ingredients cook evenly. All the more, its countdown timer indicates when your attention is needed. The Quick Set timer lets you set time for the dish and walk away. The timer can count up or down up to 99 minutes. The Perfect Temp technology lets you set the temperature from 40 to 250 degree Celsius to get perfectly cooked dishes.

Prepare meals quickly and easily with this Philips Home Cooker. It includes a steaming basket to let you prepare a healthy and tasty meal. Along with this, it includes a pasta insert, stainless steel pot, 5 slices for cutting and mincing, glass lid, and heat protection ring. All the parts of this appliance are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The Home Cooker automatically shuts down as per the set time. As a result, it prevents overcooked and burned food.

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